Alla Prima

Branding / E-Publications / Website


The Alla Prima Group consists of national and international curators, artists, designers and educators who share a common interest in creative practices and education. In 2017 they launched FREE PLAN, their first collaborative venture which contributes actively and practically to design and visual arts educators’ existing resources and programmes, to incite interdisciplinary practice through lateral, experimental and critically relevant making.

FREE PLAN is a research project that aims to provide a plethora of content/concepts/contexts supported by methods/strategies/tactics that build and expand upon visual arts and design approaches to curriculum and practice.

The Alla Prima Group required a brand mark, web site and a curatorial publication system that could cohesively align content across a 16 chapter interactive e-book. Our solution was a categorization system that could communicate way-finding and manage content. This platform introduced Chapters (intro and overview), Sub-headings (covering an angle or idea), Examples or Scenarios (ways to think about something), References and Tasks (Artists and Designers work / links) and Tasks (short assignments).

In light of the scale and ambition of the content and project we opted for a reductive and modest set of graphic principals to ignite interest and situate content in a learning framework - one that was semi neutral and lead with content and art-work.