Ark Advance

Branding, Collateral and Web Graphics
Web Development: Ark Advance

Ark Advance is a company specialising in online marketing. They utilise a suite of specialist tools and platforms to enable online growth for their clients. Website optimisation and email marketing are the two of their core services. 

We worked with them to clarify for their audience what they do and how important it really is. From brand development through to web design we helped steer their company in the right direction. Structuring what they do within a simple narrative, we took what seemed complex to new-comers and made it simple. 

The Brand

We reached the name Ark from the use of an acronym, A for analytics, R for results and K for knowledge. The concept of Ark Advance, is to carry others safely through to tranquil waters. The brand reflects this journey their clients take. We referenced Noah's Ark, a well known biblical story, which helped build a narrative that juxtaposed the companies values (trust, reliability, and dependability).