'Happiness By Design', LIFE INSTYLE SYDNEY 2016

WHAT: - Life Instyle and Kids Instyle trade event
WHEN: 18 – 21 February 2016
WHERE: Royal Hall of Industries & Hordern Pavilion, Sydney
REGISTER: www.lifeinstyle.com.au/register (TRADE-ONLY EVENT)

Life Instyle, the annual boutique trade event, will showcase stylish, quality products and brands that focus on creative excellence and innovative design. From 18-21 February 2016, Sydney’s Royal Hall of Industries & Hordern Pavilion will be the destination of discerning retailers seeking the thrill of discovering new products, trends and suppliers on which businesses thrive.

In 2016, Happiness by Design is a carefully thought out theme perfectly encapsulating the spirit of this event. Exhibition Director Amelia Coote-Harris says, ‘It demonstrates the show’s continuing commitment to create happiness through design, and encourages people to appreciate design in their everyday lives.’ During these four exceptional days of trade, visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in an unprecedented, selection of carefully chosen top suppliers delivering delightful combinations of designer brands and  beautiful products featuring premium homewares, fashion accessories, furniture, lighting, gifts and tableware, and of course, the Kids Instyle collection of delightful babies’ and children’s fashion, accessories and homewares.

In the relaxed ambience and open floor plan that hallmarks Life Instyle, visitors will be able to enjoy an inspiring and fresh sourcing environment conducive to dreams becoming reality. This event has become the definitive trade event for design-focused buyers, retailers and interior decorators who want to spot the latest trends, and see and select from innovative, unique products and exclusive launches.  It is the retail trading place to be to gain a competitive edge,  stay inspired, motivated, and prepare for a boost in business.

To help visitors make the most of this experience, organizers have provided the Buyer’s Guide – an exciting tool enabling online interaction and planning ahead of the event. There is also a Mobile App free to download and available for iPhone and Android users. The app has been designed to keep buyers and suppliers updated on exhibitor profiles and products, floor plans, times and locations of seminars, and event alerts and reminders. 

Moreover, the app enables people to connect with each other and with the guest speakers, and to create their own profiles which can be accessed by other app users.  Business growth is all about exhibiting, connecting and networking!

Central to the event is a suite of well-established and new exhibitors, retailers, experts and design visionaries showcasing premium local and international brands, providing a hub of creative, inspirational design and innovation. 

This is Australia’s leading destination for style, brands and trends bringing retailers, designers and buyers together to kick start the busy retail season ahead.
Life Instyle Sydney 2016 will be launched appropriately, with an Opening Night Champagne Reception on Thursday 18 February from 5-7pm.


The Design Kids are Looking for New 2016 Hosts

An overview: you’ll need to be super pumped on your local design industry, have your own Paypal account, be willing to work for 4 hours a month (paid) and run a monthly meet-up. If this sounds like you The Design Kids are taking applications for the next 3 weeks, so just pop your details in this application form and they will take it from there.

What is #TDKtuesdays? The Design Kids HQ have decided here that there is waaaay too much emailing and not enough socialising. So – roll on Tuesdays (Luckily its begins with a T!) where they will sit down, have a beer and invite anyone to join in.

Some of the highlights from last year: multiple people got jobs, magazine swaps, team camping holiday, internships, collaborations, best friends were made, and group shows organised. And a lot of beer drunk! Its a great place for design students and grads to meet other design students and grad, talk, swap notes, get involved and just generally build a bigger design community where you live. Maybe they’ll be industry folk there too, who knows. If you are shy, and “networking” (dirty word) is hard, this is a easy place to start. Grab a friend and come say hi!



Up Close and Personal with Ryder Ripps

Just 13 days out from his talk at Semi-Permanent Wellington we wanted to get the scoop on what to expect from Ryder Ripps, the New-York-based Creative Director of OKFocus.

What can Semi-Permanenters expect from your talk?
My talk is going to consist of laments and musings about my experiences as an artist and designer. I hope attendees will be enthralled by my human/vulnerable and humorous lecture style. Please do not attend if you expect that I will give away my famous cookie recipe, because I won’t, stop asking.

What's street style CSS photography all about?
CSS Street Style is a one day workshop where attendees will practice writing CSS based on streetstyle photography. The class aims to provide students with a new and fun way to think about design, as it relates to personal style. So often code is thought of as very dry, lacking personality.. CSS Street Style is all about changing this.

Ramblings on the current state of design?
The greatest designs are the most unnoticed. Like a really really good door knob.. The greatest designers are the most anonymous. Like the designer of a really really good door knob.. The worst designs are self indulgent and loud, these are the types of designs I sometimes make to get work though.

Top 5 notable internet memes?
1. Real Nigga Hours
2. Smash The Like
3. Pepe
4. Rare Pepe
5. Very Rare Pepe

Future projects you're excited about?
Fixing global warming, ending greed, starting a family –– but not in that order.

Fun Fact.
Ripps is also a music producer, most recently with credits on Miley Cyrus’s last record.

Keep up-to-date with Ripps exhibition listings, new works and exclusive articles HERE.


TYPOMAD is back!

Madrid´s type festival fills the city´s agenda with two months of events and activities with this year’s theme «Testimonies»: what’s behind typeface design. Four venues, two days of conferences, three exhibitions, four workshops, three type safaris and much more.

It´s the one and only typography festival in Madrid. Typomad is the key to
spreading typographic culture in our city and supporting the design scene,
creating a living space for professionals, students and enthusiasts.
The main event of Typomad is the two day series of conferences in
Centro Cultural Conde Duque, where we bring together great figures of
our national and also the international scene with young and innovative
projects. Typomad is a participatory event, we organize an international
open call for experimental posters and also a national open call for young
projects for our conferences.
Our exhibitions have a clear educational focus, so all audiences can
enjoy them. We bring international exhibitions to Madrid, but also we
create related contents to the current year’s theme, in order to generate
debate and to share cutting edge projects and innovations. Every year we
organize workshops that will be interesting for the general public and also
for other cross-cutting disciplines such as journalism, digital applications
or calligraphy.

Chulotype is a non-profit association that works to promote typography.
Besides Typomad, we fill Madrid’s agenda with typographic events and
activities during the year, such as our monthly Aperitipo, workshops
and type safaris, guided visits that discover and rediscover the city and
its typographic history with a different point of view. We also promote
typographic culture through the Internet and we will be launching our
on-line publication shortly.


Semi-Permanent Tickets + Mag Giveaway!


Win a Semi-Permanent Ticket + a Pre-order of Ed.19

We've teamed up with our good friends at Semi-Permanent to offer a free ticket to our loyal readers! There are some incredible creatives talking at Semi-Permanent in Wellington on November 17 2015.

What you win: 1 x professional 1-day pass to Semi-Permanent Wellington, 1 x copy of our upcoming issue Ed.19 (released Mid December). Total value of $210!!

How to enter:

Email us why you want to go here! A winner will be drawn this Friday (6th November).

Some of the incredible line-up!

Design & Art News, Competitions, Updates, Giveaways & More

Friends of Semi Permanent

Some of the digital powerhouse speakers include Michael Lebowtiz from Big Spaceship, the globally recognised marketing agency with a “crack team of digital inventors”, according to Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies list; Simon Rogers who is an editor of the Trends team at Google and has previously worked at Twitter – as well as creating The Guardian’s online data section.

Controversial artist and creative director Ryder Ripps will also be joining them – the man who went from being praised as “the consummate internet cool kid” by The New York Times to getting accused of making the most offensive artwork of the year (“Art Whore”); Beatrice Lartigue will often a more poetic and humanistic approach, a French new media artist and designer Lartigue enjoys designing for people regardless of their age or technological ability.

It’s a chance to be a part of change and learn how to shake things up by those who have pioneered the internet design generation. This is your invitation to come along.

Type 'spfriends2015#' in the checkout for 15% off your tickets!

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NZ Design - 98 Flags

This is not a solution, but a visual statement.

In the wake of the announcements by the Flag Consideration Panel of the Government Referendum, Sarah Maxey (graphic artist) and Catherine Griffiths (designer and typographer) put a call out to designers and artists to make their own selection as individuals, based on a criteria of their own wishes, independently, as people of Aotearoa New Zealand. The result identified flags that were worth considering had political agendas been put aside, and representatives from the design, art and vexillology disciplines had been included.

12 designers & artists select from 10,000+ flags:

  • Arch McDonnell & Toby Curnow (designers, joint)
  • Matthew Galloway (graphic designer & lecturer)
  • Sarah Maxey (graphic artist)
  • Neil Pardington (artist & designer, Kāi Tahu, Kāti Mamoe, Kāti Waewae, Pākeha)
  • Dan Newman (designer)
  • Bruce Connew (photographer)
  • Desna Whaanga-Schollum (designer & artist)
  • Catherine Griffiths (designer & typographer)
  • Lisa Reihana (artist)
  • Thomas Le Bas (designer & vexillologist)
  • Dr Johnson Witehira (designer & academic)
  • Kelvin Soh (graphic designer & publisher)

There were no rules, no prescription (vexillology, graphic design, or otherwise) and no pre-determined number. Those who accepted the call are represented in this poster across the 12 columns in a chronological sequence (first submission through to last received, left to right). This is a raw selection, unedited, openly presented. The most common flags are displayed top-most, move vertically downwards to a cross-section of single choices across the myriad designs. There is no other hierarchy or intervention. The resulting selection is intended as an alternative view—grouped thematically, roughly in such a way that the information fits together, and remains simple. All but two presented were eliminated by the FCP from their longlist, and none made the first shortlist. One design has been nominated from outside the referendum.

Catherine and Sarah would like to acknowledge and thank the people who designed the flags presented in this poster. 

October 2015

Get To Know Mila Script Pro - Nice Type

Introducing Mila Script Pro

Mila Script Pro is a handmade brush script with round and soft letterforms, a low x-height and jumping baseline. It offers 2600+ characters, four different initial styles, capital swash and titling alternates, connected words, 17 different initial- and terminal-swashes and much more. All of course with full ISO latin 1 & 2 language support.

Mila Script Sans enhances the family-appearance with 3 weights: combine Script and Sans and equal the line weights by choosing Light, Regular or Bold. Finally add Mila Script Ornaments for some extra decoration! 


Save 80%! Shop the family for only $ 17,80 til October 25

Typesetting is made easy with Mila Script Pro & Basic
Smart OpenType features care about all letterforms and choose between connected and non-connected styles. AutomaticSwashControl adjusts the swashy letters to the available white space. It’s installed within Mila’s main features OpenType Contextual-Alternates, Swashes and Titling-Alternates. Switch one on and let Mila do the rest.

The icing on the cake is Mila Script Ornaments. It contains 69 different swashes and symbols, all of them available in seven different sizes. Change the size and keep the line weight: activate Contextual Alternates, type a letter and add + to enlarge all swashes according to your likings.

Please visit MyFonts and view the gallery. Many more pictures show the family’s core features. For a deep inside view, please read over the manual: 80+ pages describe the whole family in every detail. Get it here: http://www.buerofliegenpilz.at/downloads/MilaScriptPro-Manual.zip

The Mila Script Pro Family at a glance:
• Mila Script Pro and Basic: two versatile, multi-functional brush script fonts
• Mila Script Sans: a hand-drawn Sans-Serif in 3 weights
• Mila Script Ornaments: 69 different swashes and symbols, each in seven different sizes

The Mila Script Pro family in total includes 6 styles. It is specially tailored for food-, magazine-, book- and packaging-design. 

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