Threaded Ed.13 Out NOW!

Threaded issue number 13!

For some people, superstitious folk, afraid of their own shadows, that might sound unlucky. But not round here! Here being the various Auckland, Budapest and (and today San Francisco) offices of Threaded Magazine. Well, when we started out, we scarcely thought we would make it to a 2nd edition, let alone that we'd be seeing the year 2013 in with our 13th. You might say we have made our own luck, and if we did, we haven't finished, not by a long chalk.

To mark the launch of Threaded Ed.13 [our 'Lucky For Some' Issue] Threaded celebrated it at their new home - Co.Space on K'RD in Auckland, on December the 18th 2012 with over 200 other creatively inclined attendees. This was a wider celebration of the kinds of creative projects happening in New Zealand as we also opened a Threaded-timeline exhibition/show with past Threaded profiles such as; DesignworksInhouse DesignGoodfolkCut CollectiveFuman,Auckland Print Studio and Lisa Reihana to name a few.

Threaded 13, the Lucky-for-Some issue, celebrates five fantastic profiles with four speciality stocks from Spicers/Fedrigoni that sparkle like pearls, boast both double-sided and single-sided texturing and incredible printing from our print partners Centurion Print.

Let us introduce…Tintoretto Ceylon Crystal Salt [350gsm + 140gsm] Threaded's cover, gatefold and first section lead in with the versatility of Tintoretto Ceylon Crystal Salt, a unique paper with atmospheric qualities sensitive to the artwork and poetry of Kathy Barry and Jocelyn Casey-Whiteman. Old Mill Bianco [130gsm]It is apt that the paper-based profiles of Aortica magazine and Kiel Johnson are positioned on a stock recognisable for its double-sided texturing and superior communicative impact. In parallel to Aortica and Kiel, Old Mill Bianco combines character and creativity.

Sirio Pearl Ice White [125gsm]When we discovered that Sirio Pearl Ice White had an amazing pearlescent finish, allowing images to shimmer, reflect and shine, it was fitting that Sydney based studio Equilibrium and the video-translated spreads of Hellicar&Lewis were paired to sparkle on this specialty paper.

Constellation Jade E21 Silk [115gsm] The floor plan of the New Zealand 1940s' state house influenced our Galleria section and the almost-three-dimensional look as pages are turned and reflect under different lights ensures a dynamic end to the last section in this issue.

Get your hands on a copy to WIN some super-styley prizes we have as giveaways in this issues Pigeon-hole section!


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