Threaded Ed.14 OUT NOW!

ed14 out now v2.jpg

Pyramids. Triangles. Hieroglyphics. What do they possibly all have in common with this, the 14th edition of Threaded magazine? Well, in 'The New Pyramid Scheme' issue we have combined the contemporary with the ancient, to create something that is as slender and sleek as an Egyptian cat.

'The New Pyramid Scheme' Issue, celebrates five fantastic profiles on five sections of quality stock from B&F and incredible printing from our print partners Centurion Print.

Let us introduce…

Cocoon Offset, 350gsm + 120gsm
It was only fitting that we used a 100%-recycled FSC certified stock such as this to lead into our New Pyramid Scheme issue. What else would have better suited our new-aged hieroglyphics and had the diversity to take the dense saturation of black and Pantone 810U ink while holding up the foiled masthead that adorns our cover like a sphinx?

Neo Satin, 137gsm
In order to be sensitive to the graphically rich work of Mash and Lundgren+Lindqvist, it was imperative we selected a stock that held the ink well and was super-smooth to the touch.

Neo Gloss, 170gsm
We threw this good old reliable stock, which is unrivalled for its excellent print result, colour vibrancy and consistent performance, into the mix to ensure Anonymous's gold blocks beamed as brightly as they could.

Sun Offset, 160gsm
We love the way this quality, uncoated paper ensures outstanding colour reproduction. In a section with a mixture of dense ink coverage and large areas of white, (in the feature articles of Son's & Co. and Annie Sperling) it was important  to use a stock that is as versatile as this is! And don't let the bright white fool you - this stock is FSC certified and environmentally responsible!

Curious Metal White Gold, 120gsm

This is the ultimate in attention seeking! It is apt that we introduced our new paper supplier with a stock bound to grab your attention! This remarkable, uncoated iridescent paper will play on your sensory delights sparkling and dancing its way through Galleria and the Mapping the Production sections; it is sure to make an impression ~ and first impressions count!