10 #FridayFreebie Tools for Creatives

Back by popular demand! We have scoured the vastness of the internet and collated ten more useful tools/resources for the modern discerning creative. Do send us anything you would like to share for future #fridayfreebie awesomeness!


Batch Image Resizing Made Easy! A great online tool that batch resizes images - better than photoshop's image processor script? We think so! Special thanks to Julian Andrews for linking this to us.

Zite Board

This is a great tool for meetings, collaborations etc. It's an online, browser based zoomable whiteboard service - providing infinite space to work on with your team in real time.


A wonderful archive of free vector icons!

Text Fixer

If you ever get text documents and the text is a mission to wrangle, this tool will help format things fast - simple but powerful!

Seek Logo

That pesky client only has a teeny tiny crumbly old jpeg of their logo? Have no fear, it may be available here (in vector form)

The Noun Project

Use Icons a lot? This site is dedicated to simplifying communication for the dedicated creative.


An archive of the colours used in brands. 

Useful Printable Grid Templates

These are awesome! If you need to sketch something isometric or mess around on something more interesting than your standard white a4, try some of these printable gridded templates.

Illustration Class

If you're interested in gaining knowledge and pushing your illustration skills - this website has many useful resources.


Great tool for creating and sharing lists. Well hey, I should have used it for this list!