#TypeTuesdays Round up!

Every Tuesday we find the type that tickles our fancy. If you follow our Facebook or Twitter you're a lucky so and so, but for those who missed out, we've rounded up past posts for your viewing pleasure. 

From fresh new typefaces to projects to movies, if theirs nice type - we want to share it with you. We would like to extend our thanks to the awesome people involved in the projects below. 

Sign Painters (The Documentary)

We thoroughly enjoyed this documentary. It shed light on the hidden talents of the sign painters that do it once and do it right. If you buy the deluxe edition it comes with 30+mins extra footage which we HIGHLY recommend! And just remember - I.J.A.F.S.

A Film About Times New Roman

Tasty Typographic Posters

A favourite website for inspiration from some of the worlds most talented designers. Posters from far and wide that explore typography in the poster format. Worth bookmarking!

Proto Grotesk

We love a good grotesk! Production Type, a foundry based in Paris released this typeface last year among other noteworthy's - Granville & Gemeli. 

Hardy Typeface

Previously featured on our blog - Hardy, designed by Wade Jeffree and released by our friends at Ten Dollar Fonts. 

Domaine Sans Process

For the type geeks: Kris Sowersby's new Domaine Sans Display, read about the process of his recent release - Domaine Sans.

Grilli Type's 'GT Haptik Font'

Grilli Type has to be one of our favourite foundries, their recent typeface and interactive page caught our eye. Have a test on their user friendly website.

State Plates Project

What a wonderful project! American license plates re-thought up by talented designers. If only!

Our Limited Edition Tees

Speaking of type, last year we released a limited collection of tee's from some of our back issues. Theses are selling fast and we have various sizes for men/women available! Letters from our Ed.15 'The Pursuit of Imagination, Experimentation and Freedom' Issue are a particular favourite!

A special thanks to the wonderful people/foundries/talent that are featured in this post! If you want your project in our next #typetuesday submit here

Have an awesome tuesday from team Threaded