Up Close and Personal with Ryder Ripps

Just 13 days out from his talk at Semi-Permanent Wellington we wanted to get the scoop on what to expect from Ryder Ripps, the New-York-based Creative Director of OKFocus.

What can Semi-Permanenters expect from your talk?
My talk is going to consist of laments and musings about my experiences as an artist and designer. I hope attendees will be enthralled by my human/vulnerable and humorous lecture style. Please do not attend if you expect that I will give away my famous cookie recipe, because I won’t, stop asking.

What's street style CSS photography all about?
CSS Street Style is a one day workshop where attendees will practice writing CSS based on streetstyle photography. The class aims to provide students with a new and fun way to think about design, as it relates to personal style. So often code is thought of as very dry, lacking personality.. CSS Street Style is all about changing this.

Ramblings on the current state of design?
The greatest designs are the most unnoticed. Like a really really good door knob.. The greatest designers are the most anonymous. Like the designer of a really really good door knob.. The worst designs are self indulgent and loud, these are the types of designs I sometimes make to get work though.

Top 5 notable internet memes?
1. Real Nigga Hours
2. Smash The Like
3. Pepe
4. Rare Pepe
5. Very Rare Pepe

Future projects you're excited about?
Fixing global warming, ending greed, starting a family –– but not in that order.

Fun Fact.
Ripps is also a music producer, most recently with credits on Miley Cyrus’s last record.

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