New Apparel Unveiled - 'Sweet Disorder'

' Watch My Six ' & ' Kris Kross ' Crew Sweatshirts

'Watch My Six' & 'Kris Kross' Crew Sweatshirts

Let us begin by introducing Threaded Apparel - a new addition to our Threaded tribe of ‘T’ shaped people and projects. It’s been a natural evolution; the work we have been doing in Threaded Studio and Threaded Magazine has inspired and fed our first collection, ‘Sweet Disorder’. You may notice that our apparel range pays homage to an edition of Threaded magazine and that we have created ‘Sweet Disorder’, in pursuit of imagination, experimentation and freedom.

' Sweet Disorder ' Long Sleeve Tee

'Sweet Disorder' Long Sleeve Tee

We avow our contempt for the shackles of convention, especially the dreary limitations of maturity; creative or otherwise. All attempts to recapture lost innocence are not permitted, but encouraged, hence we'll be wearing beanies and sweatshirts from here on in.

'  Sweet Disorder  ' Long Sleeve Tee

'Sweet Disorder' Long Sleeve Tee

Stated simply, Threaded Apparel will use what we find. Stated surrealistically, glued together bagpipes are walrus shavings on a Velcro covered floor. But no. We believe in found objects, thoughts, dreams, furniture, spare parts – everything found. Its no longer just the pages of each edition of Threaded that shall be filled with the lost and found. The lost shall find a home, the found will be set on their way. Threaded Apparel will have its day. We run amok to create Sweet Disorder!

' Five Eyes ' Beanies

'Five Eyes' Beanies

Every detail of the Sweet Disorder collection has been carefully considered with diverse layers of print placements, techniques and embroidery challenging the status quo with every thread.

The range will make it's debut at the Auckland Fair (14th June). Those who can't make it, we've made these available to pre-order here. All Orders ship June 16th.