Design Agenda: Make Something - A Collection Of Collaboration

New Zealand Creative Industries Mash-Up

In the creative industries, collaborations exist for the most part within the confines of one discipline – whether that be graphic design, architecture, fashion or music and rarely is there the opportunity for it outside of commercial parameters.  MAKE SOMETHING was established to provide Graphic Designers a chance to change that with a group exhibition of non-commercial, cross-genre New Zealand creative industry collaborations.  

Originally founded in 2010 the event threw 6 New Zealand Graphic Designers a challenge; given absolute free reign, who would you choose to work with and what would the results of that mash-up be? The results saw the likes of Fur Patrol’s Julia Deans, a former Visual Effects producer with Oscar Winning VFX company The Mill and an Amazon crowd-sourcing platform form a collection of collaboration that blended a mix of New Zealand creative talents. It then returned in 2011 with a fresh set of pairings, again lead by Graphic Designers, that included an industrial designer from Fisher & Paykel, a mixologist from Stolen Rum and artist Billy Apple®.

After a four-year hiatus the event returns boasting the same cross-section of creative collaborations which this year includes, among others, a racing car driver and Chef Michael Meredith.

WHEN: NOVEMBER 19 - 21 (8am - 2.30pm)
WHERE: Allpress Gallery, 8 Drake Street, Auckland City


The 2015 collaborative partnerships are:

Kyra Clarke (Graphic Designer & founder - Threaded Magazine)
and Amy Clarke (Fashion Designer - Mylarke)

Sarah Melrose (Graphic Designer - Designworks)
and Michael Meredith (Chef & owner – Merediths)

Jenny Miles (Graphic Designer - Hardhat)
and Thing Industries (Product Designers)

Clem Devine (Graphic Designer - Richards Partners)
and Jodie Salmond (Artist)

Sam Trustram (Graphic Designer - Saatchi & Saatchi Design Worldwide)
and Steve Rasmussen (Racing Car Driver)

Toby Curnow (Graphic Designer - Inhouse)
and Sam Haughton (Product Designer & founder - IMO)


For more information or an interview with any of the 2015 MAKE SOMETHING collaborators, please contact the Event Directors or visit