B&F Papers Husky Campaign 2016

Design/ Copy writing/ Print Management

B&F Papers are forward thinking and proactive, as one of New Zealand’s smartest paper companies they produce quality products under pinned by sustainable practices. 

Our latest project introduces the brand tone and persona of Husky Smooth and Husky Coarse Linen – two new paper stocks from B&F Papers that demand alpha attention. 

Like the worlds most powerful working dog, our design solution is loyal and true, delivering an engaging outcome that creatively encapsulates the characteristics of the stock. Trust us, it wont bite, but it will bark. 

The custom designed interactive spinning device offers customers a comprehensive sample of potential embellishments that showcase the robust and versatile nature of B&F Papers uncoated paper and board.

The textual qualities of Husky Coarse Linen further reinforces our overarching concept to be at the ‘head of the pack’, armed with a stock giving you the strength and huskiness to roam free and find your own path. 

5 Husky Web.png
9 Husky Web.png
6 Husky Web.png
7 Husky Web11.png
8 Husky Web.png