Design Tribe Architects

Branding / Touch-point Collateral / Signage


Design Tribe Architects are based in Grey Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand and specialise in Māori and Pacific architectural projects. Design Tribe required a brand refresh that reflected their cultural values and connection to place and space.

The design outcomes had to communicate the kaupapa for this project - that 'the whole is greater than the sum of its parts'. Our graphic solution utlises the tohu to represent the coming together of people, place and space. The notches on the porotaka reflect the many layers of history, heritage, meaning and value associated with building in places and spaces - acknowledging cultural connections, diversity and sensitivity to landscapes, communities, whakapapa, genealogy, lineage and decent.

We developed a graphic pattern which is an adaption of an inspirational taniko pattern ‘Kaokao’ which symbolises strength and unity for use across digital and printed collateral. This pattern was dedicated to the war-god, Tumatauenga.

The open armpit or rib pattern distinguishes the warrior - signifying a raised arm ready for battle. This concept represents the process of participation and community engagement Design Tribe specialises in, facilitating workshops and and community collaboration to achieve professional and personalised creative results.