Threaded Ed.5 'For the Love of it Issue'

Hey, if you're not doing it for the love of it, what on earth are you doing it for?

La Gloire? (The glory) Or perhaps it's the fame, the adulation: a Lear jet and a personal chef for your pet Pekingese? Well, hold the phone and don't hold your breath. If it's not done for the sake of doing, then it's not worth doing. It's the journey not the destination, the process not the result;  didn't anyone tell you that at the school of hard knocks?  

Do it for the love of it. Do it because you really can't imagine doing anything else. That's right: dance like there's nobody watching and work like you don't need the money. The rewards will come in time but perhaps in unexpected forms. There are easier ways to pay the rent, after all. And all the artists represented in this bumper edition of Threaded know about paying their dues, and not begrudging the cost - well, not too much anyway. Whether they are designers, fashionistas, photographers or filmmakers, they are all, as far as we can judge, doing it for the love of it…