Threaded Ed.7 'The Arrivals and Departures Issue'

Physical Issue

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In times like these we are continually reminded that nothing stays the same; we are all arriving or departing from one platform or another. This theme has marked a timely reminder to stay connected and get out amongst it.

On Tues May 19 2009 Threaded decked the glass walls of Playle Studio with Ed.7's 'Arrivals and Departures' makeready's hot off the press. With suitcases filled to the brim and over flowing with back issues, Jake Jones playing some funky dj beats and an abundence of alcohol and beverages [thanks to our generous sponsors Nutrient Water, Reb Bull, Curio Wines, and Becks] a great time was had by all.

Special thanks to Jade Hurst from raw for pulling together such a fantastic launch and to our other sponsors; Playle Hairdressing, Output Images, Generator, Unitec New Zealand and Spicers Paper for their support and involvement.


Digital Issue

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