Process within Process - DNA

Designing Dialogue: Livia Lima, Lucy Sellars and Kylie Phillips [junior designers from DNA] conduct a post-it-note mapping exercise which reveals their insights as designers and celebrates their diversity.

Initial approach rejected. Been done.

Revised approach

We could have a three-way talk about design issues, process, future of design and things like that... the idea is that we could get really in depth with some topics, and show our work as it refers to what we are talking about: like we are sending images to each other. The benefit for DNA is to show that, even at a junior level, the depth of thinking is quite good..

Another thing Lucy and I were talking about was maybe some sort of mapping exercise where we somehow present how much time spent here versus learning, frustrations, highs, lows etc, etc. Or, it could be mapping our dialogue?

Like a thread.

What if the dialogue is the actual work?

Now you're talking. Collaborative design! What if the actual mission could be part of the journey?

Guys, that's exactly it - method in the madness.


Hi Gren,

Lucy, Livia and I have been having a lot of discussions recently around the Threaded article and the potential we have to create something different. We have an idea we are pretty excited about. It has moved away from our original approach.

We felt we needed to come up with something that better reflects us and how we work and that would differentiate us (and DNA) from what has already been done. We believe the article needs to reveal us as designers, to celebrate our diversity, what we're about and what drives us in terms of design.

From our discussions, we thought it would be useful for the three of us to get together and work collaboratively which means Lucy and I going to Auckland for the day. The premise would be to use the interview and the process of producing the article as a design piece in its own right.

The design is a derivative of the dialogue or, more simply, the narrative is the design. We envisage this being developed in any number of ways depending on where the process leads us - through collaborative experimentation and exploration.

It could be illustrative, typographic, mapping or something else but, at this point, we are concentrating more on the journey to see where it takes us.

To do this, we believe the three if us need to get together in person to be able to explore the method, to experiment and produce collaborative visuals for the article.

We feel this will be a valuable exercise to explore and produce an article that is unique, inspiring and offers small insights into how we think both within and beyond DNA studio walls.

We are very excited about this approach and seek your support on this. If you have any questions, please just let us know.


Kylie, Livia and Lucy

Hello Liv... It's all go. Gren gave his approval this morning.

Two pages of post-it-notes followed this article, linked with key which colour coded the following;

  • process
  • reality
  • inspiration
  • attitude
  • obsession
  • study
  • random