FOCUS magazine

Branding / Publication Design


Established in 1974 FOCUS magazine is the official magazine of the Tutukaka Coast Ratepayers and Residents Association. It is issued monthly to all their members and available for retail sale at select retailers throughout the community. We were excited to be involved in the new look FOCUS from December 2017 Issue on - and enjoy collaborating with local creatives month in and month out til this day.

Our aim with the new look, new layout and newly curated FOCUS was to engage a broader demographic as a result on a new strategy focused on increased community engagement via the Tutukaka Coast Ratepayers and Residents Association.

In order to achieve this we developed new overarching design principles to better align with brand, reach a broader coastal demographic and increase awareness and engagement from a larger audience. This was crucial as each issue is reliant on the local audience actively participating and contributing content.

FOCUS is a goldmine of information about local events, groups, and services and prides itself on community engagement welcoming contributions to the magazine from all ratepayers and residents.