DB Breweries

Branding / Packaging


New Zealand's most well known company, DB breweries, needed a RTD brand that communicated to it's diverse customer base. Through a vigorous branding exercise, the name 'Fuse' was born. The brand needed to have timeless style, endless beauty and sophistication.

With a range of flavors and sleek packaging, the Fuse RTD became an instant hit and certainly adds the Je ne sais quoi to every occasion. Form is temporary, class is permanent.



From the success of 'Fuse', came 'Gemz'. DB Breweries needed a RTD that would stand out with radiant beauty and splendour.

Gemz communicates to the customers with unmistakable coolness. Flawless in it's design and packaging, we made sure every angle was chiseled to perfection. The vibrant colors capture standout presence in-store making their consumers centre of attention.


Robbie Burns Branding

Robbie Burns Limited asked us to brand their export company in the spirit of Robbert Burns himself. Burns was a poet, his work 'Auld Lang Syne' was a longstanding sincere expression of friendship.

In a similar way Burns sent his poem to his dear friend, the Robbie Burns branding offers that same gesture. The result is an established and symbolic logomark that roots itself in this history, telling the story of friendship and holding true to a song not forgotten.