Jewish Online Museum

Branding / Front-end Web Design
Wireframing: Lushai
Web Development: Ghost Street, Reactive


The Jewish Online Museum is the first of it's kind not only in New Zealand, but internationally. JoM was designed to be an engaging and educational resource for a wide range of visitors, and to act primarily as a repository and accessible resource for the Jewish community in New Zealand. We had the pleasure of working on the branding and front-end web design.

IA Workshops

We worked with Lushai through a series of workshops to develop a dynamic wireframe designed to suit the needs of JoM's users. The workshops covered user interaction and how this translated responsively to mobile devices.

Interactive Timeline

One of JoM's many features is the interactive timeline. It offers a way to explore the website's rich database of information using time-based functionality. Zoom in between time periods or just delve into a specific year and it's all available at your fingertips.

Responsive Design

For mobile users, the website architecture was completely redesigned for ease of use. From the navigation to the interactive timeline, the design retains a succinct visual harmony with it's desktop counterpart.


The 'Star of David' or The 'Shield of David' in Hebrew, is widely known as a symbol of Judaism and the Jewish community. Utilising this semiotic we created a ornate yet modern logomark using a versatile framing device that is used as a branding device throughout the website.

Studying the hebrew alphabet, we referenced the calligraphic approach using a contemporary sans serif with a modified 'M'. The gold in the 'o' symbolising the online experience helps connect the wordmark with the logo, collectively forming a logo that stands the test of time.