Property Hubb

Branding / Touch-point Collateral / Signage / Website


Look no further than Property Hubb for a tailored experience of personalised property solutions. Property Hubb represents a new generation of property leaders who are redefining the conventions of real estate. The directors at Property Hubb are dedicated to delivering leading-edge property solutions and bridging the gap between property acquisitions, finance and vision.

Property Hubb required a brand identity that responded to this intersection and included core values of connectivity, action and interaction. We focused on developing a brand system that communicated attributes such as reliability, strength and straightforwardness. Producing a monumental graphic word mark that would install confidence and signal their genuine approachability whilst cohesively uniting the brand voice across a range of collateral; web, stationary, signage (site and vehicle) and interior design and fit out. In 2018 the Property Hubb team transitioned in to Property Partners of The Agency.