Ruapotaka Marae

Branding / Touch-point Collateral


Ruapotaka Marae is an urban Marae who works in the Ruapotaka Marae is an urban Marae who works in the Tamaki area where three iwi sit - Nga Tai o Tamaki, Ngati Paoa and Ngati Whatua. Ruapotaka Marae is Mataawaka. Mataawaka are Māori living in the Auckland region who are not in a Mana Whenua group and there are many Mataawaka groups within the Tāmaki Makaurau region. Ruapotaka Marae required a brand identity and set of icons that communicated the six core values of the Marae; Aroha, Community, Manaakitanga, Encouragement and Whenua.

In response to these values we designed a spirit-like kōtuku (white heron), who still lingers in the land from which the ancient peace of the wilds has departed. Used here as a Kaitiaki (guardian over natural resources) and a symbol of things both beautiful and rare as a connection back to Parehuia and the Karaka tree. To compare a manuhiri to a kōtuku is a complement of the highest order.

The elements and symbolism of this tohu such as the neck of the kōtuku - is the waterways of Tāmaki Estuary and the Glen Innes area. It represents the new roads and pathways that bring people together today but also acknowledges the waka which bought in Tūpuna and their first decedents.