The Big Idea

Branding and Collateral and Web Consultancy/ Graphics
Web Development: Sparks Interactive

Our Polynesian and European ancestors were fearless explorers and navigators, who looked to the stars to guide them to the end of the earth, where our story begins. In the Pacific and in Maori mythology, legend has it that a spiritual guardian (a bird-like figure), is a custodian over our people, air, waters and land. 

The Big Idea takes pride in a role that serves as caretaker, connector and enabler for the creative sector and required a new brand to carry the organisation forward.
Threaded Studio’s new logo design is inspired by our sense of place, culture and desire to connect with each other. It highlights the space in between and a time to forge pathways, to connect with new possibilities and support innovation, creativity and enterprise. 

We created a brand system with an individual language – using dynamic colour and linear forms to represent the land of the long white cloud, the lakes and oceans surrounding us in the Pacific, while also signifying The Big Idea's role it provides creatives in connecting and creating networks, communities, knowledge, visibility and opportunities.

the big idea collateral_all2.png