Threaded Ed.19 'The Cultural Capital Issue'

Physical Issue

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Eugénie, New Zealand
FUKT Magazine, Berlin
Here Design, UK
Matt Chase, USA
Studio Alexander, New Zealand

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Centurion Print
BJ Ball Papers

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Cover: Kraftpack Kraft 283gsm
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Cover: White ink
Inside gatefold: White ink

It is a truth universally acknowledged; these days you have to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. That applies to the masses. But for artists and applied artists of any kind, as you probably know already, there’s a level of omniscience that
just seems to be expected: even taken for granted. 

Must we always be on the grid? It seems yes. But whether the centre of your world is in a big city or in a remote wilderness, we do hope your creative and cultural capital is being put to good use. 

Threaded Ed.19 is your guide to our collective creative, cultural capital, which is something even more than a city of the mind. So for this Cultural Capital edition of Threaded, fasten your seatbelts and travel safely in your electric-blue hovercar on the way to prosperity junction, through the dream city of the mind.

So many questions. What is it like? How and why did it become capital when, presumably, it’s not the only town in the land? Who lives there? And where do you find a decent sandwich in the middle of the afternoon? These are clearly quite critical questions, in pressing need of answers. That’s why we put so much thought into curating the entries in this edition...

This Issue Features:

  • Eugénie - A boutique fashion label designed and produced in Aotearoa, New Zealand
  • FUKT - A annual Berlin-based magazine for contemporary drawing
  • Matt Chase - A designer & illustrator from Washington, DC.
  • Here Design - A London-based multidisciplinary design Studio
  • Studio Alexander - Designers, storytellers and problem solvers based in Auckland, New Zealand

Digital Issue

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