10 Free Resources You Should Bookmark #FridayFreebies

For those of you who enjoy bookmarking and free-ness online, we have assorted 10 free resources that are worthy of your attention. 

From typographic tools to free stock imagery, we hope you find these links useful if you haven't already!

Wordmark It

Wordmark.it is a online tool that previews all your fonts and allows you to test words in every single font installed on your computer. This makes for much faster type testing, to find that font you are looking for, faster.


Need help finding the perfect colour palette? This useful tool lets you find: complimentary, triads, tetrads and adjacent colours. Fully tweakable and with randomise features, this colour scheme tool will help you find harmonious colours fast.

Graphic Burger

Home of free mock ups, vectors, ui kits, icons and more - plenty burger goodness for all kinds of projects.

New Old Stock

Vintage photos from the public archives free of known copyright restrictions.

Copy Paste Character

One of our personal favorites, 'Copy Paste Character' made by Konst & Teknik & Martin. This site is a useful place to copy and paste unique characters and symbols. 

DB Freebies

A curation of the best design freebies from Dribbble and Behance.


A CSS pattern tool which allows you to edit colour, texture and opacity to aid in your web projects to create that perfect pattern.

Still Motion Tutorial Collection

A really really really useful collection of motion tutorials covering: lighting, audio, post, story, camera and gear. 

Optical Character Recognition Tool

Say you have a scan of a PDF, the text is obviously uneditable, so, instead of writing it out and spending an evening doing so - OCR allows you to upload PDFs (and image files) and export them as text files. Another example would be if you took a photo of something as to take notes, you could export it later as actual notes.

Unsplash (free stock photos)

Beautifully shot photographs available free to use for whatever you want.