#MotiveMonday Recap!

Every monday, we share something motivating that starts your week with a bang! Monday's for some, can be the hardest day of the week, if your in need of some motivation this is just for you!

Inspiring Papercut Illustrations
Made by: Eiko Ojala

From the desk of HuskMitNavn

Colourful, motivating door art!
Via BoredPanda

Little Things - Beatnik Publishing
Beatnik Publishing

The Always Motivating Brooklyn To Mars!
Markus Almond/Brooklyn To Mars

Interview with Paul Rouphail
Via From The Desk Of

Motivating Visuals From Helmo!
Via Grain Edit

Nick Onken's Shoptalk Radio
Check out the Podcast here

Squidface & The Meddler
Check em out!

Fresh work from NZ's Greg Staight
Via Design Assembly

Mica Still's Incredible Artwork!
See The Wall - See Her Work

Inspiring Autumn Photos
Via Boredpanda

'Bird of Prey' Sculpture made for ArtWeek
by Antoinette Ratcliffe

Creative Morning Talks
Watch Them Here

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