Friends of Semi Permanent

Some of the digital powerhouse speakers include Michael Lebowtiz from Big Spaceship, the globally recognised marketing agency with a “crack team of digital inventors”, according to Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies list; Simon Rogers who is an editor of the Trends team at Google and has previously worked at Twitter – as well as creating The Guardian’s online data section.

Controversial artist and creative director Ryder Ripps will also be joining them – the man who went from being praised as “the consummate internet cool kid” by The New York Times to getting accused of making the most offensive artwork of the year (“Art Whore”); Beatrice Lartigue will often a more poetic and humanistic approach, a French new media artist and designer Lartigue enjoys designing for people regardless of their age or technological ability.

It’s a chance to be a part of change and learn how to shake things up by those who have pioneered the internet design generation. This is your invitation to come along.

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