NZ Design - 98 Flags

This is not a solution, but a visual statement.

In the wake of the announcements by the Flag Consideration Panel of the Government Referendum, Sarah Maxey (graphic artist) and Catherine Griffiths (designer and typographer) put a call out to designers and artists to make their own selection as individuals, based on a criteria of their own wishes, independently, as people of Aotearoa New Zealand. The result identified flags that were worth considering had political agendas been put aside, and representatives from the design, art and vexillology disciplines had been included.

12 designers & artists select from 10,000+ flags:

  • Arch McDonnell & Toby Curnow (designers, joint)
  • Matthew Galloway (graphic designer & lecturer)
  • Sarah Maxey (graphic artist)
  • Neil Pardington (artist & designer, Kāi Tahu, Kāti Mamoe, Kāti Waewae, Pākeha)
  • Dan Newman (designer)
  • Bruce Connew (photographer)
  • Desna Whaanga-Schollum (designer & artist)
  • Catherine Griffiths (designer & typographer)
  • Lisa Reihana (artist)
  • Thomas Le Bas (designer & vexillologist)
  • Dr Johnson Witehira (designer & academic)
  • Kelvin Soh (graphic designer & publisher)

There were no rules, no prescription (vexillology, graphic design, or otherwise) and no pre-determined number. Those who accepted the call are represented in this poster across the 12 columns in a chronological sequence (first submission through to last received, left to right). This is a raw selection, unedited, openly presented. The most common flags are displayed top-most, move vertically downwards to a cross-section of single choices across the myriad designs. There is no other hierarchy or intervention. The resulting selection is intended as an alternative view—grouped thematically, roughly in such a way that the information fits together, and remains simple. All but two presented were eliminated by the FCP from their longlist, and none made the first shortlist. One design has been nominated from outside the referendum.

Catherine and Sarah would like to acknowledge and thank the people who designed the flags presented in this poster. 

October 2015