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Introducing Mila Script Pro

Mila Script Pro is a handmade brush script with round and soft letterforms, a low x-height and jumping baseline. It offers 2600+ characters, four different initial styles, capital swash and titling alternates, connected words, 17 different initial- and terminal-swashes and much more. All of course with full ISO latin 1 & 2 language support.

Mila Script Sans enhances the family-appearance with 3 weights: combine Script and Sans and equal the line weights by choosing Light, Regular or Bold. Finally add Mila Script Ornaments for some extra decoration! 


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Typesetting is made easy with Mila Script Pro & Basic
Smart OpenType features care about all letterforms and choose between connected and non-connected styles. AutomaticSwashControl adjusts the swashy letters to the available white space. It’s installed within Mila’s main features OpenType Contextual-Alternates, Swashes and Titling-Alternates. Switch one on and let Mila do the rest.

The icing on the cake is Mila Script Ornaments. It contains 69 different swashes and symbols, all of them available in seven different sizes. Change the size and keep the line weight: activate Contextual Alternates, type a letter and add + to enlarge all swashes according to your likings.

Please visit MyFonts and view the gallery. Many more pictures show the family’s core features. For a deep inside view, please read over the manual: 80+ pages describe the whole family in every detail. Get it here:

The Mila Script Pro Family at a glance:
• Mila Script Pro and Basic: two versatile, multi-functional brush script fonts
• Mila Script Sans: a hand-drawn Sans-Serif in 3 weights
• Mila Script Ornaments: 69 different swashes and symbols, each in seven different sizes

The Mila Script Pro family in total includes 6 styles. It is specially tailored for food-, magazine-, book- and packaging-design. 

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